‘The Weekend’ trailer: Shower S** to flashing middle finger.. Poonam Pandey’s adult short film has it all!

New Delhi: Controversy queen and online sensation Poonam Pandey released the trailer of her adult short movie “The Weekend” here on Saturday. From flashing middle finger to having sex in the shower, Poonam has gone ahead and done it all for this film.

“‘The Weekend’ will be will be India’s first adult movie for mobile lovers. It is a short film which is not rated or certified by CBFC, making it quite extraordinary and fascinating. Also, it is a first white-labelled web-portal with telecom operator billing with its exceptional worth,” Poonam said in a statement.

“It has been an amazing experience working in this erotic thriller. In fact, I can term it as one of the scariest ones as well. Certain things happened during the shoot that scared me,” she added.

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