These are the artists that 6 films made really his relationship with female artists!

People often believe that what happens in the movies is fake. Then if the battle scenes, tears or bold scenes again. All cameras, amazing effects and make-up becomes. But not everything. There are also some films, which really made the connection between the two artists and shot him.

akasar log ye maanate hain ki filmon mein jo hota hai vo nakalee hai. fir ladaee ke seen hon, aansoo bahaane ke ya fir bold seen. sab kaimare, iphekts aur mek-ap ke kamaal se ho jaata hai. lekin sab kuchh nahin. kuchh aisee bhee filmen hain jisamen sach mein do kalaakaaron ke beech sambandh bana aur use shoot kiya gaya.

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