These are Pictures of Women whom that Particular Moment was Captured on Camera

One would think that behind every job to. Human thought and expression and does its job. If they see someone doing the same thing. These will not last long in his work .. just happens in photography, each photographer has his photo behind a different thinking. On their way to see if someone else is going to work, his career will not last too long. He will soon collapse.
Today we are talking of photography itself. We are talking about women of that special moment when they realize that Orgejm. It is a special moment for every girl is. And she wanted to live with it the happiness of every woman in the photographs of this photographer witnessed different expression when they are at the height of their happiness ….

har kaam ko karane pichhe ek soch hotee hai. aur insaan apana kaam apanee soch aur apane haav bhaav se karata hai. agar vo yahee kaam kisee ka dekh kar kar raha hai. to usaka ye kaam jyaada din tak nahin chalega.. aise hee photograaphee mein bhee hota hai, har photograaphar apanee photo ke pichhe ek apanee alag soch rakhata hai. agar vah kisee aur ke kaam ko dekhakar unakee raah par chal raha hai to, usaka kairiyar jyaada din tak nahin chalega. vo jaldee hee patan kar jaayega.
aaj ham photograaphee kee hee baat kar rahen hai. ham mahilaon ke us khaas pal kee baat kar rahen hain jab ve orgejm kee praapti karatee hai. ye har mahila ke liye ek khaas pal hota hai. aur vo isako poore sukh ke saath jeena chaahatee hain is photograaphar ki tasveeron mein har mahila ke alag alag haav.

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