Bollywood actresses are also required to spend nights with Director

Like the casting couch in Bollywood Tolivud dominated. Heroines of the new hero of the film directors to work has to meet the demand. Heroines of many directors and producers who worked on the casting couch instead of the name of the curtain is raised on the casting couch dominated Tolivud Let’s see ..

bolivud kee tarah tolivud mein bhee kaasting kauch ka bolabaala hai. jahaan naye heero hiroins ko philm mein kaam karane ke liye daayarektars kee maango ko poora karana padata hai. bahut see hiroins ne kaam ke badale kaasting kauch karane vaale daayarektars aur prodyoosars ke naam se parda uthaaya hai aaiye dekhate hai tolivud me bhee kaasting kauch ka bolabaala…

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